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Children + Family

Children and photography is all about capturing personalities, expressions, and big smiles and smirks. Sessions with young children are often best accomplished either in their own element at home, or at a location where there is plenty of space to run and play. Family sessions with young children are often what cause parents anxiety, as predicting personalities and cooperation from little ones can be daunting. But for me, this session allows me to be the most creative, and it is the session that typically yields the most authentic images of your children. Yes, children can be shy, goofy, upset, excited, tired, hungry, hangry, sticky, cold, hot, itchy... (you get the picture), but so can adults (sometimes haha), so just let them be. Your session will be unique to you and your family, and I will be able to capture beautiful images. So, I encourage you to just have FUN during the session and relax; enjoy this time with your family! Oh… and for those with little ones… don't be too worried about boogers, boo boos and blemishes... my post-production magic can take care of that :)